Why joggers don’t always have to be slouchy

Joggers were once the bane of any fashionista’s existence. Slouchy, shapeless and associated with hiding away indoors, joggers have long been the underdogs, stuffed at the bottom of the pyjama drawer. In recent times, however, these humble trousers have been making something of a comeback. Joggers don’t have to be slouchy, but you need to know how to style them properly.

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A modern age

Many men wouldn’t dream of venturing outdoors in something so slouchy, but the truth is very different. When joggers are the correct shape and style, they are transformed into something a man can wear anywhere. The joggers of recent seasons fit closer to the leg, giving them a less slouchy appearance. The gentleman gym-goers of today can hit the treadmill in a pair; on another day, they can wear the same pair on a day trip. This new shape has changed the way people see them. Going into the summer season with a pair of joggers will make a man a fashion pioneer.

A careful game

When styling a pair of joggers, a man must be cautious. It is important to keep it simple and to know their limits. At the bottom end of the scale, wearing them with a plain T-shirt and bomber jacket is a winning look on a very casual day. They can also be paired successfully with denim or even a woollen jumper, provided the joggers are the slim-fitting kind.

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It doesn’t have to be a run-of-the-mill pair of joggers. Tailored joggers are seeing a rise in popularity, as a hybrid pair of trousers sitting somewhere between formalwear and sweatpants. The idea may seem ludicrous but pairing comfortable wool-knit knit joggers with a woollen blazer may be something to take a shot at.

If the leap into formal joggers is a little too much, as is the idea of wearing them to the gym, then perhaps a range of Farah shirts from a stockist such as could be the answer. Ditching the denim and the hoodies and replacing them with a slim-fitting shirt makes for a nice, smart-casual look.

Joggers are ironic. They were made for sports, yet they are marketed as something to slouch around in at home. It doesn’t have to stay that way.

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