Looking for something different for your kids birthdays? The kid’s world has been brightening up with the stories of the superheroes. Both your kids and their friends want to be like their admiring superheroes. How about making a superhero team and hire someone to play as Thanos superhero villain?

The idea here is to encourage your kids and their friends to be the superheroes who want to defend the earth from the disastrous Thanos superhero villain. He is an eternal villain with the Deviant gene. Although he does not feel that he is a villain, many people consider him as it because of his unforgiven acts. He is unique and extremely powerful, making kids outraged with his behaviors.

Thanos, what a villain. He loves and worships Mistress Death. Only few can equal his strength, power, and intelligence. Thanos is arguably the strongest villain in the Marvel Universe. He has wielded the Cosmic Cube, the Infinity Gauntlet, as well as the Heart of the Universe. 

Bringing Thanos superhero villain in your kid’s birthday superhero party characters theme will make the party more interesting and amusing. Here is the fun. It is based on the popular movies and comic book. This kids birthday party idea is indeed suitable for kids in any age.

Throw a party for your kids based on the upcoming Avengers Movie “The Avengers: Infinity War”. it is a fun and exciting venue birthday party that can compete with other venues like Disneyland. This will let your kids be the superheroes. The adults will play different characters in the show. Some can be the allies of the kids’ superheroes, some will be the sidekicks of the Thanos superhero villain. As for the Thanos superhero villain, can be hired by Miami Superhero.

Hiring the actor from Miami Superhero to play the Thanos superhero villain will be your best decision since it will make the kids and guests really delivered to the stories of the superheroes. It makes the kids feel that they are surrounded by great folks in a great universe. The spectacular superheroes vs villain theme party will create such a festive atmosphere that will make your kids happy.

Different areas of the venues can be set up as different areas like the kids remember in the comic book. Not to mention that the Miami Superhero can help you with the creation of puzzles, games, and clues set up in different areas of the venue so that the children will be involved in figuring out in the games.

The fun closing way of the party is to have the final scene of the combat versus the Thanatos superhero villain which lead to the dining room. It is where all the superheroes (the kids) can enjoy the cake and the presents. Give it a try at your kids’ next birthday!