Seven Fun Alternatives To The Office Holiday Party

Today, almost every employer in the UK typically hosts holiday parties for their employees. In fact, over 67 per cent of employers across the country have stated that they are hosting such parties after having not hosted one for many years.

Moreover, conducting annual office parties will improve employee engagement and people will be willingly ready to spend time together. However, some employees want to celebrate office holiday parties in a way that does not include a traditional process.

The main reason behind these alternative options is the fact they are cost-effective activities that are still fun and help in building team morale. Even with minimal investment of money, energy and time for planning and executing the event, you could make even the most stressed out employee appreciate and revel in the event.

Consider the following ideas about how you can embrace the holiday spirit without committing a lot of employee time, hard-earned cash or energy. Your employees, guests and visitors will certainly appreciate these low-key alternatives to expensive and energy consuming office parties.

1: Make cookies for a holiday cookie tasting

Since the company will be supplying punch, soft drinks and mulled cider, ask the employees to bring in some cookies to share with the remaining staff members. Keep the event as simple as possible and allow your employees to bring in bakery products as well. Additionally, also make sure that the company is ordering a supply of bakery cookies to ensure that every employee has a chance to sample each variety. To add in a festive touch to the event, play holiday music and gives prizes to the bakers of the employees’ favourite cookies. If your employees are interested, you could also sponsor a cookie exchange program for them.

2: Race your way to the holidays

Nothing improves team bonding than letting your employees participate in races. There are various event organisers that arrange f1 events for corporates parties, wherein your employees, guests and visitors can enjoy the thrill of formula one races. Your employees can participate in individual races or pit stop challenges, based on their own individual preference.

In fact, pit stop challenges are known to improve employee engagement and team bonding. You can find out more about pit stop challenges by researching them online or talking to event organisers.

3: Schedule an ugly holiday sweater day

The contest of wearing the ugliest holiday sweater is bound to spark fun and laughter all day in the office. Moreover, have pictures taken and supply some company-sponsored refreshments to all your employees and staff members.

4: Hold an in-house catered lunch with fun and games

Having company sponsored beverages along with catered lunch can be a part of the day that puts the emphasis on employees playing some fun games together. Allow them to play games of their choice, such as card games, shuffleboard, basketball, board games, Pictionary, table tennis, pool and more. There will be laughter all around and friendly competition among all the employees.

5: Participate in a holiday card exchange

Ask your employees if they are comfortable with exchanging cards with their coworkers. As your company starts expanding and growing, sending cards to all co-workers can become prohibitive for many employees. In this case, pull names from a hat so that employees are still able to exchange 1 to 5 cards rather than sending cards to the entire office. Alternatively, you can limit the card exchanging to departments.

6: Make a charitable contribution in lieu of an office party

Many employees find a charity to be motivating and exciting. Visual giving is the most on display during the holidays. Employees not only enjoy but find it motivating to see piles of food, gifts, clothing and household items collected in the company lobby or the break room.

Team bonding can be improved by getting everyone together to paint walls for older community members, so as to brighten up their holiday season. No matter what charitable pursuits you choose to go along with, you can always consider them as an alternative to the office party.

7: Hold a contest for decorating cubicles or other work areas

Your office space can be the image of holiday cheer throughout the season. Bring employees together to decorate a work area, an office, the conference room or a public area. The winner of the event can be chosen by taking votes from other employees and the award ceremony can take place in conjunction with any other holiday activities.

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