How to clean women’s electric razor

Believe it or not, women’s electric razor are a thing, and like any other razors they should be taken care of and get properly clean every once in a while to keep it working at its best at all times.

Keep in mind, this a personal object and should be clean with special care. You don’t want your skin to suffer the consequences of a bad electric razor. But, luckily for you, cleaning these razors is actually pretty simple, and you can make sure your best razor stays like that for a long time.

  1. Clean it after you use it.
    If you use your electric razor every once in a while, then it’s alright if you just clean it once you’ve used and then put it away until the next time. However, if you use it on the daily, it’s fine to clean it up once every week or two weeks, tops.
  2. Make sure it is unplugged.
    Before you really start cleaning your razor, make sure it’s not plugged in or has any kind of batteries on. You don’t want any kind of electricity on while you are deeply cleaning your razor.Just in case, make sure the switch is down and the whole razor is off. The more precautious you are, the better.
  3. Remove the head or cutter.
    If you’re not sure how to do this, check the instructions manual first. However, most women’s electric razors are pretty easy to disassemble and the head should come out easily. Once it’s out, set it aside.
  4. Clean the cutter.
    Pick up a tiny brush (preferably a nylon one). Again, most electric razors come with this brush or one very familiar. That’s the one you want to grab and carefully remove all the hairs left on the cutter.Clean it up and then, with the same brush, make sure to remove any other hair that might be left on the base of the cutter, or on the head of the razor. Brush the remaining hairs until there are none left. Do not try to shake the razor or tap it against the table to get rid off the hairs, it will only damage it.
  5. Slowly disassemble your razor.
    Again, we recommend you reading the manual to make sure which parts of your razors can be removed. Also, keep in mind where they go, so you won’t forget when assembling together the razon again.
  6. Brush the rest of the razor.
    Much like you did with the cutter of the razor, you’re going to brush the other parts of the razor you’ve put away. Don’t shake them or tap them to get rid off the dust or the hairs, simply brush them out.
  7. Check if your razor is waterproof.
    Before you proceed to clean even deeper with water and soap, please check out the instructions to make sure your razor is waterproof. If it isn’t, then leave it as such, if it is, continue cleaning.
  8. Clean it with water and soap.
    Both the cutter and all the other parts can be cleaned using hot/warm water, a little bit of soap and a tiny brush. However, if you can buy a special cleaning liquid for razors instead of soap, you can use that too.
  9. Let it dry completely.
    Before assembling your best razor back together, dry it out. You can do this by drying it with a towel or simply letting it air dry by itself until there’s no remaining water left.
  10. Put it back together.
    If you followed the steps correctly, you should be able to assemble the parts without much trouble, if not, simply check the instructions manual to remember where everything goes.

And that’s it! This should take you about 30 minute’s tops, and can be done once every week tops. The idea is for you to take care of your razor so it can last way longer and still do a pretty good job.

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