The business suit for men, for years, has symbolized professionalism and sophistication. When it comes to getting dressed for an occasion, of whatever nature, men typically reach out for this gracious and polished formal wear – the suit. While other comfortable wears have evolved in the men’s dressing space over centuries, the business suit, however, continues to live on and will probably do so till the time civilized society exists in the world.

The formal business suit owes its origin to the British Empire when in the middle of the 17th century the need to wear simple attire by kingsmen saw the birth of the tunic that needed to be combined with a shirt and a trouser to complete the look. Today, most men, all over the world, across different nations, necessarily have an assortment of business suits in their wardrobes that they use for their daily office wear, or keep it locked up for special events – formal or otherwise. In Dubai, which is considered to be more liberal than other emirates in UAE, conservative dressing is taken for granted as part of business etiquette and hence the suit is considered an appropriate dress for men that cover the legs and arms well. To buy suits in Dubai, especially the made-to-order types that come with customized fitting and style, one can search online as some reputed men tailoring companies have their e-store that cater to local as well as international orders.

Bespoke Dubai business suits

In the early days, tailors would generally stitch the suit as per their client’s preference and from material that was chosen by the client. It required them to take measurements of each customer and then custom make the suit as per their preference and selected design. This form of suits called the bespoke suits was later, to a great extent replaced by the ready-to-wear suits where mass production of suits was done using machines. The bespoke suits are expensive when compared to the normal off-the-mill suits that one can buy instantly from a store. But the elegance and the style of the bespoken ones are unmatched and incomparable. When it comes to getting the finest and bespoke Dubai suits stitched to order and shipped to your address, some tailoring and designing houses are doing fantastic job.

Modern or conventional, the best suits in Dubai can be ordered online

The business suit has never run out fashion – it has undergone tremendous change with different forms of this outfit that has evolved over centuries – from the three-piece to the two-piece; from the single-breasted to the double-breasted ones.

Made with different fabrics as chosen by the client – worsteds, tweeds or woollens and in varying colors – black, shades of grey, navy blue to lighter tones, browns and other impressive colors – to different types of jackets – front buttoned; notched lapels, peaked labels or shawl lapel; flap or patch or besom outer pockets, breast pockets;  coupled with different venting styles; with or without waistcoats; numerous styles of trousers that range from the bell bottomed ones to tapered ones to the recent modern slim-legged ones. The finest tailor shop in Dubai offer the most excellent quality and best suits in Dubai that are made to order with each individual’s measurement.

The reason to smile is that these bespoke Dubai suits are now available online as well as at physical showrooms across the city.

Men’s suits Dubai

Whether online purchase or from showrooms, getting to buy men’s suits in Dubai is no longer cumbersome or a big issue. With superior quality of tailoring, buying and adding such affordable and stylish bespoke suits in Dubai to one’s wardrobe is most convenient and effortless now.